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USA Jump Rope

USA Jump Rope Board of Directors

USA Jump Rope consists of 12 directors who are elected to sit on the board, and an executive director who is appointed to manage the daily operations of the organization by the board of directors.

Each board member is elected by organization members who are 18 years or older at the time of the election.  Each board member serves a three year term.  One third of the board positions come up for election each year.

Since board members commit to attending three board meetings per year, and cover their own travel costs, applicants for board positions are self-nominating.  To be considered for a board position, applications can be obtained from the USA Jump Rope office and must be submitted by the deadline indicated on the application (usually in May).  The election is held in June and newly elected board members are notified in time to attend the annual board meeting which is held in September.

The current board of directors includes:

Term Expires Board Member Home Town
2011 Janice Harrington Bloomfield, CT
2011 Mary Kinsey Colleyville, TX
2011 Tim Rader Montgomery, TX
2011 Mike Simpson Mason, OH
2010 Trina Griffith Grandview, TX
2010 Tom LaVecchia Littleton, CO
2010 Kathy Moe Boise, ID
2009 E.J. Boillot Littleton, CO
2009 Kylene Gordon Bothell, WA
2009 Shaun Hamilton Dayton, OH
2009 Laurie Whitsel Ligonier, PA