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Albuquerque Air

At Albuquerque Air, we take jump rope to a higher level.  Competitive jump rope is sweeping the nation and is one of the fastest growing sports for boys and girls.  Jump rope combines strength, flexibility, and endurance and is one of the best sports for overall physical conditioning and agility.



Extreme Air of New Hampshire

Extreme Air is the only competition jump rope team representing the State of New Hampshire in the USA Jump Rope national competition circuit. Our jumpers have won a wide array of medals and ribbons in all age divisions at both the Regional and National level, with many placing in the top ten nationally.



Foothill Force

The Foothill Force Jump Rope Team is a nationally known group of boys and girls from throughout the San Gabriel Valley. The team was started in 1990 under the name Palpitating Panthers by founding director and former coach, Janis Fuhrman. The team has grown over the years from an after school club, to a District wide team, to its current status as a 501(C) non-profit organization. The team changed its name from Palpitating Panthers to Foothill Force in the summer of 2008.


Forbes Flyers

All members of the Forbes Flyers are students or former students from Forbes Elementary School. All jumpers who try out and make the team are placed on the Fitness Team by grade level. All Fitness Team members will participate in the annual holiday show and the end of the year show. Interested jumpers who meet all the Competition/Demonstration Team Requirements are placed on the "Travel Team" and/or Competition Team. As a travel team or competition team member, jumpers must attend more practices and purchase memberships to certain jump rope organizations. All members, whether on the Fitness Team or Travel Team must maintain a certain grade average and display appropriate behavior both in and out of school.


Greenbelt Sity Stars

Established 18 years ago, the Greenbelt S.I.T.Y. Stars is an experienced jump rope team that inspires kids to fitness.   S.I.T.Y. is an acronym for  Sensational, Inspiring, Talented, Youth.  Our Coaches offer years of experience, a broad range of expertise and extensive familiarity with the sport of jump rope.  It is the purpose of the Greenbelt Sity Stars to offer a quality jump rope program that not only develops technical jumping skills but also promotes fitness and teamwork, builds self esteem, develops confidence and leadership skills and encourages good sportsmanship while helping to promote the sport of Jump Rope.



Heart N' Soul

Heart 'n Soul was formed in 1982 at Parkview Baptist School under the leadership of Coach Sunny Seale. The team continues strong today. In 2004, Coach Seale and her husband, "Mr. Ronnie", moved to Washington, DC. Upon Coach Seale's retirement, Ann Couvillion was named head coach, and Marline Price accepted the position of faculty sponsor and advisor. Today, Heart 'n Soul is a performance team, as well as a competition team. The team consists of approximately 40 jumpers, ranging in age from 7 to 24. Growing up in this unique sport, these athletes develop excellent leadership skills and become mentors for the younger jumpers.




The Heartbeats are a not-for-profit amateur athletic organization consisting of students in Northeastern Ohio . The Heartbeats are members of the United States Amateur Jump Rope Federation and the Amateur Athletic Union. The Heartbeats compete for recognition at the regional, national and international levels. The team competes in the USAJR National Championship and the AAU Junior Olympics and is strongly involved in assisting the sport to eventually become an Olympic event. Since the team was founded, it has risen to national and international prominence in the sport of jump rope.


HFS Jump Force

HFS Jump Force is a competition and demonstration jump rope team comprised of jumpers from the Dallas / Fort Worth area. The team was formed in 2009 and is coached by Chad Rankin, a 13+ year veteran of jump rope who has earned gold medals at USAJR National and Grand National championships. In the team's first competition season they earned several gold medals at the US National and Grand National competitions, as well as a place on 2010 Team USA to compete at the world jump rope championships in England.  Winston Churchill once said, “We make a life by what we give,” and the members of HFS Jump Force seek to improve the local community through hands on volunteerism through community service.   Team members are active fitness ambassadors working with schools and civic organizations to bring positive messages through jump rope.



The Highflyers Jump Rope Team, out of the Katy YMCA in Katy, Texas was established in the fall of 2000 under the leadership of Coach David Cazares and Coach Tammy Cazares.  The team is comprised of jumpers from 1st to12th grade. The Highflyers have been featured on the local news, newspaper, ESPN, as well as an X-Box 360 commercial with Ben Wallace of the Chicago Bulls.   Service has been a big part of the Highflyers experience, as they have performed  for the American Heart Association, The Ronald McDonald House, America’s Walk for Diabetes, MS Walk, Houston Grand Prix, various schools, churches and special events.  The Highflyers promote hard work, dedication, leadership, and responsibility.


Indy Air Bears

The Indy Air Bears originated in 1986. We have over 36 jumpers representing grades 2nd to college. We are a non-profit organization under the leadership of volunteer coaches and we have been very successful in competition and have won many awards both nationally and internationally. We are proud members of USA Jump Rope.



Jump Company USA

Jump Company U.S.A. offers young athletes an opportunity to have fun, work on personal fitness, develop and perform their skills in an entertaining and or a competitive environment. Every Jump Company U.S.A. athlete experiences the benefits of working together with others and sharing their skills and abilities so that all may develop positive self-esteem. We are always interested in new members who are ready for a fun and healthy challenge.



Jumping Eagles

The Jumping Eagles are Colorado’s premier jump rope team. Based in Littleton, the team features world and national champion jumpers from across the state. The team includes jumpers of all ages, from elementary school through college, who have been performing and competing under coach EJ Boillot for nearly 20 years. The Jumping Eagles perform for free at community events and half time shows for local sports teams–the Denver Nuggets, Air Force Academy Falcons, CU Buffaloes, and CSU Rams among them. The team also performs at library openings, community benefits, and at student assemblies across Colorado and in Wyoming, New Mexico, Utah, Idaho, Kentucky, and Florida.

Jumping Jax

The Jumping Jax are a competitive jump rope team comprised of members of various ages from areas in Northeast Indiana and based out of Fort Wayne, Indiana.   Our first twelve-month season commenced in September of 2008. Team members regularly commit two to ten hours a week to training in jump rope, gymnastics, and dance in order to be successful in tournaments and competitions all over the country.  Through participation in the sport of jump rope, Jumping Jax promote opportunities for personal growth, healthy lifestyles, good sportsmanship, and competition.


Jumpin' Jaguars

The Jumpin' Jaguars are a jump rope team in Bowling Green, KY formed in 1996 by physical education teacher Keith Stokes. He wanted to showcase the talents of students that were in the Kangaroo Club at Natcher Elementary School. The amount of interested students and the talent that followed birthed the current Jumpin' Jaguar Team.



Jumpin' Jammers

The mission of the Jumpin' Jammers is to promote the sport of jump rope as fun, challenging, competitive and entertaining to the people of all ages. The Jumpin' Jammers promote physical fitness through the use of the Jump rope as a lifelong sport. As members of the team jumper learn responsibility, initiative, creativity, self-discipline, cooperation and teamwork, which help build a positive self-image for the jumper. The Jumpin' Jammers are committed to strengthening the sport of Jump Rope by offering instructional clinics and workshops to jump rope enthusiasts of all ages. Team Established in 1989



Kangaroo Kids

Kangaroo Kids is a precision jump rope team from Howard County, Maryland. Their rope jumping is choreographed to contemporary and traditional music, where every foot jumps in unison and every rope hits the floor simultaneously. This unique combination of exercise and dance is enjoyable to perform and exciting to watch.


Montana Super Skippers

The Montana Super Skippers began 29 years ago in Missoula, Montana and have offered a fun and creative activity for kids first grade through high school who attend 14 different schools in Missoula and the surrounding area. Members of the team perform, demonstrate and compete in the sport of jumping rope.  We are a volunteer based organization run by parents and friends. The Montana Super Skippers have a show team that consists of almost 50 jumpers.


Palpitating Panthers

CELEBRATING 20 YEARS, Palpitating Panthers Jump Rope Team is proud to have a long and rich history in the Southern California area as well as in the jump rope world.  The team began in 1990 under founding coach, Janis Fuhrman. Palpitating Panthers and its team members have been at the vanguard of the sport, appearing in multiple commercials, videos, and tv shows.  In order to spread the sport and promote a healthy lifestyle for children, the Panthers perform and teach for numerous schools and other events with the American Heart Association.



Proform Airborne

Proform Airborne jump rope team is a performance, competition, and instruction jump rope team that promotes healthy living through assemblies and workshops. The team is based in Rexburg, Idaho with members from St. Anthony to Idaho Falls. Team members include boys and girls and range in age from 9 to 21.


Rock It Ropers

The Rock It Ropers Jump Rope Speed Team was created in 2007- We are the 1st and only USA Jump rope representing New York and the New York Metro Area. Our goal is to get as many girls and boys jumping and competing at usa jump rope tournaments! Fitness, Fun and Focus are what we are about! Big welcome from Coaches Lucie B and Dion T  to our new team and jumpers 2011! Check out our website:



Saguaro Skippers

The Saguaro Skippers are a competitive and demonstrative jump rope team located in Peoria, Arizona.  Coach Laura Filoso founded the team in August of 2007.  Team members range in age from eight to fourteen.  All team practices are held at the Rio Vista Recreation Center located at 8866 W. Thunderbird Rd. in Peoria.  Every Monday from 4-5 PM, the Saguaro Skippers teach a jump rope skills clinic to anyone that wants to learn more about the sport!  See the links below for more information about our coach, our organization, our performances, and our competitions.



Shasta Skippers

We are a jump rope team from Redding, California.  We entertain, compete and teach jump rope skills.  We provide a "get-fit", anti-drug/anti-smoking message to schools and community groups.  We're from the college, high school, junior high, and elementary school levels. 





Super Skippers

Founded in 1994, the SuperSkippers are a performance and competition jump rope sports team, dedicated to promoting physical fitness through jump rope as a lifetime sport and fostering confidence, discipline, responsibility and leadership. 


Youth Sports Jump Rope FX

Our youth program is a jump rope club.  Not the basic game of jump rope, but a highly advanced form of jump rope where young adults and children develop their own routines and perfect techniques for speed, power jumping, fun and fitness.  Our program has proven itself as an excellent way to communicate "life skills" to children of all ages. The life skills learned in our program include, plotting for success, self discipline, goal setting, perseverance, confidence, team work and fitness.   The Jump Rope FX Precision Jump Rope Team is designed to provide children a message about the discipline, focus, internal motivation, confidence, initiative and integrity required to succeed in life.  Jump Rope is the vehicle with which we communicate these values to our members and student audiences.