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USA Jump Rope

USA Jump Rope Tournaments

USA Jump Rope sanctions many jump rope competitions throughout the United States.

Annually, a progression of tournaments begins at the state or sectional level.  Top qualifiers advance to the regional championship.   From the regional championship, competitors may advance to the USA Jump Rope National Age Division Championship which is held near the end of June in Orlando, Florida.   Competitors may advance from the National Age Division Championship to the USA Jump Rope Grand National Championship, which is held immediately following the completion of the age division championship in Orlando.

Additionally, USA Jump Rope is a member of FISAC (Federation Internationale De Saut A La Corde" which translates to "International Federation of Jump Rope").   FISAC sanctions world championship tournaments for individual and team competitions.  USA Jump Rope holds US Team Trial tournaments to select USA Jump Rope members to compete in the world championship tournaments.

The AAU Junior Olympic Games also has a progression of tournaments which culminates at the AAU JO Games.  AAU Jump Rope and USA Jump Rope are strongly related, share many board members, competition rules, and scoring system.  USA Jump Rope is the national representative for Jump Rope in the United States and works with many other organizations, such as AAU, to educate, promote, and provide opportunities for jump rope enthusiasts.

Many USA Jump Rope affiliated teams also sponsor local level open competitions.  These provide a great opportunity jump rope supporters to come together and introduce newer teams to USA Jump Rope style competition.

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