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USA Jump Rope

Start a Team

There are several options available:

  1. If you have instructors who are familiar with teaching sports or movement, we have a Basic Instructional Guide available from the USA JUMP ROPE office for $15. This guide gives directions on how to set up a program and gives details on skills for single rope, long rope and Double Dutch instruction for Beginners. Lesson plans are also included. If you plan to start a Jump Rope team you would want to order the New Team Starter Guide for $10. This has helpful guidelines on how to set up the administration of a team. There are also additional manuals and videos that may be of help available from USAJR.

  2. USA JUMP ROPE also has an Instructor Certification Program. This is based on the Basic Guide and our clinician will teach potential instructors how to teach basic skills and prepare their students for jump rope instruction and get them ready for USAJR competitions. Upon successful completion of this 6 hour class each instructor will receive a certificate of proficiency and a USAJR t-shirt. For details about this program please see below. To make this program cost effective you may wish to invite youth instructors from other programs or local P.E. teachers to participate.

  3. We can attempt to find a coach and team who could come to your location to work with your participants. If there are no instructional teams close to you, it would therefore mean bringing in a team at your expense from another state. There may be a time delay on this option because our teams are very much in demand.

Please feel free to call me at 800-225-8820 or e-mail me at [email protected] if you have further questions.

Good luck with your program!

Marian Fletcher, Executive Director