Upon successful completion of this program, each instructor will receive a certificate in recognition of their achievement. New USAJR member instructors will receive an official USAJR T-shirt.

  1. Each participant is required to register as a member of USA Jump Rope. The fee is $30 for Adult members, $45 for Competitors and Coaches, and $20 for Recreational Members. Membership to our organization gives you secondary insurance coverage under our Accident/Death Policy for all practices, demos and sanctioned jump rope events, an exclusive membership number and card, membership gift, three newsletters a year, workshop, tournament and camp advertisements, and a special login privilege to our website. This should be handled before the clinic through USAJR at 1-800-225-8820.

  2. Each instructor candidate will need a copy at the clinic of “Jump Rope - A Basic Instructional Guide” from USA JUMP ROPE. Each of these manuals costs $15 plus shipping and handling and includes detailed instructions on how to set up your program, teach various jump rope skills and contains sample lesson plans.

  1. The youth who will be served by this program are not required to join USA Jump Rope to receive instruction from the people trained at the clinic. If they would like to participate in a USA Jump sponsored camp or competition they will need to become members at that time.

  2. Each instructor candidate at the clinic must have a rope. Adults up to 5' 3" would use an 8' rope, 5'4” - 5'10” would use a 9 foot rope. Taller jumpers need a 10' rope. Ropes can be obtained from several different sources, please refer to the Visitors page for suppliers. Beaded ropes are generally you will need a couple of sets of 12 foot or 14 foot Double Dutch ropes and 1 long rope. 20 foot would be fine for long rope purposes.

  3. A discussion by phone or in person to plan your program is strongly recommended. The clinic for instructors would last 6 hours. This includes all instruction, a brief introduction to competition and the Instructor Certification test, which is handled “open book”.

  4. Expenses for the instructor such as airline ticket, gas, car rental, if needed, accommodation, and food for the trip should be budgeted into the cost.

    The fee will be negotiated by the instructor based on class numbers. The standard fee is around $25-30.