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USA Jump Rope

Tournament Director Software Download

Important: Please read our terms of software use.

Click on the below links to download a copy of USA Jump Rope Tournament Director and the accompanying documentation.  The USA Jump Rope versions are preconfigured for a USA Jump Rope style tournament.  The AAU versions are set up for AAU tournaments.  The functionality of all versions is identical. Access 95 and Access 97 are no longer supported.

When prompted, save the file onto your hard disk in some location where you can find it easily (like C:\USAJUMP or C:\AAUJUMP).  After the file has completed downloading, run the .exe file that you will find in the download directory.  Running this file will extract the TD program and documentation.  The program will have a .mdb file extension and can be loaded into the appropriate version of Microsoft Access.  The documentation has a .doc file extension and can be viewed with Microsoft Word.

A good tip is to rename your .mdb file to include your tournament name (e.g. regionX.mdb) to distinguish it from a clean copy of the .mdb file, or any practice files that you create when exploring the TD application.

02/04/2007 - NOTE:  Below is the new release of the tournament software that handles the 2007 modified scoring rules.  Please do not use a previous version to enter any data.  The USA Jump Rope version has been modified for 2007. 

USA Jump Rope TD for Access 2000/XP/2003/2007

AAU Jump Rope TD for Access 2000/XP/2003/2007