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Camps, Workshops and Judging Clinics


USA Jump Rope sanctions jump rope camps throughout the country.   These camps provide a great opportunity for jump rope enthusiasts of all ages to get together, share experiences and techniques, and have a wonderful time.  Camps are typically 3-5 days in duration and include lodging options. To find out about upcoming camps, visit our Calendar page.


USA Jump Rope sponsors several single day workshops around the country.  These workshops are usually organized and run by local USA Jump Rope affiliated teams.  Workshops emphasize the teaching of jump rope skills to athletes with a wide range of skills. 

These workshops are a great way to be introduced to jump rope in a friendly, safe, non-threatening atmosphere.   To find out about upcoming workshops, visit our Calendar page.

Judging Clinics

Many clinics are held around the USA to prepare and sanction competition judges.  A variety of levels and judging types are covered.  These include speed clicking, freestyle presentation judging, freestyle content judging, freestyle head judging, team show presentation judging, team show content judging, and team show head judging.  Each competition team provides judges for tournaments in which they compete.  USA Jump Rope sanctioned tournaments use USA Jump Rope trained and certified judges.  These clinics provide training to these officials and are essential to ensure that judging is consistent throughout the country.



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