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USA Jump Rope FAQ

How do I start a Jump Rope team?

There are many ways to get started.  The best is by working with an existing team in your area.  If you are a USA Jump Rope member, you can find teams in your area on this web site.  USA Jump Rope sells a new coach starter manual and we have many instructional videos available here.  Another good way to get started is through the American Heart Association's Jump Rope For Heart program.

When is the deadline for tournament eligibility?

In order to compete in a USA Jump Rope sanctioned tournament, renewing members must register by November 1st of the calendar year prior to the tournament. If we receive a membership renewal after the October 31st cut-off date, competitors will be assessed a $10 late fee for each month past the due date (maximum $20). If you are new member of the organization, you can sign up as a member up to three weeks before the tournament with no penalty.

How old am I for tournament entry purposes?

Age is determined by the age that you are on or before June 15th in the competitive year.  This means for competition purposes, you are the age in which you will turn during the calendar year - Just ask yourself how old you will be by June 15th, and that is your competition age.  This is a change from prior years and was done to align with other athletic and jump rope organizations world-wide.

What are the advantages of being a USA Jump Rope member?

Membership allows you to attend USA Jump Rope camps, tournaments, and workshops.  You receive secondary accidental insurance coverage from USA Jump Rope which covers you during USA Jump Rope sanctioned activities.  In addition, you get access to USA Jump Rope web services, including the member message board, chat, team directory, newsletters, camp, tournament, and workshop information.  USA Jump Rope is the US representative to FISAC, the world jump rope organization.  Membership in USA Jump Rope allows members to attempt to qualify for the official USA National Jump Rope team which represents USA Jump Rope at international competitions.

What is the difference between USA Jump Rope and the AAU jump rope program?

USA Jump Rope is the umbrella organization for jump rope in the United States and works closely with other jump rope organizations, including AAU jump rope.  Many of the board members for USA Jump Rope also serve on the AAU jump rope committee.  The rules and scoring systems are shared, with minor variations in emphasis for AAU.  AAU jump rope provides additional jump rope opportunities for jump rope members up to the age of 22.  The competitions emphasize versatility and reward all-around jump roping skills.  USA Jump Rope provides camps and workshops in addition to tournaments, and the tournament series rewards competitors for high degrees of skill in each discipline rather than all-around ability. 




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