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Note: The instructional materials shown on this page can be purchased online by accessing the online orders page, select Instructional Materials, DVDs, VHS and click GO!

Introduction to Jump Rope  -- This manual lists difficulty levels, gives helpful hints, routines, and sometimes describes how to do various skills in the different branches of rope jumping (e.g. single rope, double-dutch, wheel, traveler, and long rope).  Also gives tips for single rope and double-dutch conditioning, and describes stretching exercises for rope jumping.    ($10; 43 pages)

Competition Rule Book  -- Knowing the rules for a USAJR Competition is critical for successfully competing.  The USAJR Competition Rule Book reviews all of the rules and regulations of USAJR Tournaments.  This also includes necessary tournament registration forms, sign-up sheets, and agreements.   ($12)

 New Team Starter Guide (3rd Edition)  -- This manual covers the critical topics a coach needs to know about forming a jump rope team and keeping it going! A list of topics include Advertising your Team, Equipment Needs Qualifying your Jumpers, Show Tips, Team Discipline & Morale, Fund Raising, and more!    ($10)

Jump Rope – A Basic Instruction Guide --  The Basic Instructional Guide for Jump Rope gives complete directions and progressions for how to teach the basic elements of simple Jump Rope activities in a club or classroom setting. Various footwork and arm work skills, readiness games, long rope, Double Dutch, wheels, traveler and group routines are explained. We now offer an accompanying DVD or VHS tape of our USA Jump Rope Instructor Certification session taught by Jean Hodges at the USA Jump Rope Eastern camp, July 2003. The Instructor Certification course is taught by this manual and this 3-hour DVD/VHS is a great tool for new coaches and teams. It brings the manual to life! ($15; Manual-35 Pages, with DVD $35.95, with VHS $28.95)

Coach Manual  --  Provides coaches with information on how to reach the USAJR office, phone numbers and contacts for the different regions and states, calendar of upcoming events, forms for camps, membership, sanction forms, insurance coverage information, tournament dates and contacts and Board of Directors contact information.   Everything a coach needs to survive.  ($10; Size varies – hard cover 3 ring binder)

Jump Rope for Conditioning  -- This program is designed to offer balanced skills and a conditioning program for adults and athletes who wish to improve their aerobic capacity, endurance, agility, laterality, speed and power. ($8; Handbook-15 pages)

Judges Certification Handbook & Video  -- Reviews “How to run a judges clinic and staff a regional competition with certified judges”, also provides judging forms and helpful tips.  Included with the handbook is the Judging Video, which is a visual discussion of the Judges Certification Handbook with guidance and examples of consistent, judging methods for all Tournaments.            ($15; Handbook-18 Pages; Video–60 Minutes)

Basic Single Rope Jumping Skills  -- This video teaches the novice how to jump rope correctly in a step-by-step fashion.  Thirty other basic jumping skills taught including various Footwork, Cross, Rotation, and Double Under skills, often using slow motion.  Short single rope routine demonstrated at the end.      ($19.95; 30 Minutes)

Dive Into Rope Skipping  -- This video gives a broad overview of the diversity of skills and excitement in rope jumping with many different individuals and teams doing their thing!  A fantastic video to show your team, or others the exciting sport of jump rope!    ($16.95; 20 Minutes)

Know Your Skills Video  -- This video includes single rope and double Dutch rope skills.  This video was made as a naming system for jump rope skills.  It divides the skills into categories and uses descriptive names that indicate what is actually being accomplished.  There is also a manual included.    ($9.95 Closeout)

U.S. National Championship Video or DVD  -- The U.S. National Championships are held in Orlando, Florida each June.  This video is what ESPN broadcasts and shows some of the best jumpers in the United States! This video is a must for a competitor’s keepsake or to show your local jump rope club or school club.

USAJR Competition Timing CD – This is the CD used at Regional and National Competitions.

Choreography for Group Routines - NEW – This manual includes choreographed routines set to music. The manual will show you how to set up your class in an appropriate formation, teach steps and skills, drills, practicing without music and with music, and special hints for coaches and jumpers alike. You can look forward to the chills down the spine when your group performs a challenging routine perfectly on beat with no misses! ($15 – 32 pages)

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