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Special Notices

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News and Events:

USA Jump Rope's New Website Format

Greetings USAJR Members!

As you may have noticed, usajumprope.org is in the midst of a big makeover!  We will be working diligently over the next several weeks to get everything updated so we ask that you be please be patient with us through this process.

The biggest thanks IN THE UNIVERSE goes out to Mr. Roger Hoggarth, website guru extraordinaire, and member/parent of the Tri-Force Jump Rope Team in Cary NC for his help, along with the USAJR Technology Committee, in the planning and implementation of this new site structure!

USA Jump Rope is Going Green!

We ask that the coaches e-mail the USA Jump Rope office if they would like to receive hard copies for their team and we will print and mail the number requested directly to the coaches to distribute to your team. We hope that this will help us save on purchasing paper products and we also encourage our members to receive the newsletter online to help in this effort. Please e-mail our office at [email protected] with the number of copies you would like for your team or please pass along the online copy to your team members. Thank you!

12/2/2013 - USAJR members perform in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Over 200 jumpers from across the United States performed in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade this year.  A very big THANK YOU goes out to Pam and Ken Evans for coordinating this massive effort once again this year.  GREAT JOB JUMPERS!

Here are the highlights:


11/13/2013 - Kangaroo Kids one of several teams ready for the Macy's Parade!

The Kangaroo Kids are just one of several teams in USA Jump Rope that are preparing for the 2013 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade held every year in New York City.  Recently, they were on a local morning news program and we now have the link available for you to see it.  Click Here!

Congratulations Kangaroo Kids and good luck to all those USAJR members who are participating in the parade this year!

11/6/2013 - USA Jump Rope partners with Amazon.com

USA Jump Rope has recently joined forces with Amazon.com as part of its Affilitates Program. 

Anyone who knows about Amazon.com knows that you can literally purchase EVERYTHING you need there for holiday events, special occasions, or just because.  This program affords you the opportunity to make those purchases directly on our home page at usajumprope.org in the lower left hand menu bar.  It's free to use and everytime you make a purchase through this link, a portion of the purchase comes back to USA Jump Rope.  Help us support the mission of spreading the word about the sport of Jump Rope - make your purchase with us today!

Happy Holidays!

Marian Fletcher, Executive Director

10/21/2013 - The 2014 Competition Rulebook is here!

The 2014 Competition Rulebook is now available for download. The 2014 Competition Timing CD and Tournament Director's software will also be available soon so be watching for updates.

10/13/2013 - 2014 Regional Tournament Dates Announced!

USAJR has annnounced the dates for the 2014 Regional Tournament schedule.  Be sure and check out your respective region's dates so you can participate in the tournament!  Some of the dates have not been solidified yet, but as soon as we get them they will be posted.  Call us at 936-295-3332 if you need more information.