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USA Jump Rope

New  FISAC  rule regarding Triple-Under's in Masters:

  1. Maximum scoring possible is limited to 500.
  2. Unlimited time (NO change in present rule). 
  3. Number of triples multiplied by two (NO change in present rule).  
  4. One attempt.

Motivation for this rule change:
  1. Because of the limitation to a maximum 500 points we minimize the number of consecutive Triple Unders in a competition in all fairness.
  2. Because of the limitation to one attempt only, we maximize the number of consecutive Triple Unders to 250; the fact that two skippers, who participated in this 2.5 month-discussion, voted in favor of this rulechange made it easier for the FISAC-IRSF-rulescommittee to accept this change.

  3. Because of this limitation AND keeping the number of Triple Unders being doubled AND because of the one attempt only, we are listening to the HEALTH-aspect that is mentioned by a large number of skippers and coaches (but hasn't been researched fully yet.........).

New rule regarding calculating the results for Masters:

Using the ranking system only. This means: first place in each event gets 10pts, second 9 and so on. Ranking scores for all four events together gives us the final ranking!

Motivation for this rule change:
  1. We are not changing the characteristics of the Masters, which is a four-discipline-event.
  2. All four disciplines are more or less in balanced scoring / proportions.
The rule regarding a tie for an event in Masters should / must be:
If there is a tie to be broken, the place points will be added together for the participants who tie and divide the total place points by the number who are tied..
Motivation for this rule change:
No single skipper has shown absolute superiority over the other. Example: Two skippers ended first in a field with ten competitors. None of them should be given the 10 points. Obviously, the next skipper after the tied skippers would get the next place point. That would be 8 points in this example, but 7 points if 3 skippers were to be tied..
The rule about a tie in the final results is still valid!

For more information regarding these rule changes please visit FISAC's website.