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USA Jump Rope

USA Jump Message Board

Welcome to USA Jump Rope Message Board!

The message board is provided as a service to our members.  Please use proper behavior and show respect to your fellow jump rope enthusiasts at all times.  Utilization of the message board is voluntary. 

The message board currently requires you to complete a sign up process to identify you to our membership.  While redundant with information you registered with USA Jump Rope, it would require a large amount of work to integrate the two systems.   Once you've registered, you can easily interact with other USA Jump Rope members on the message board.

You can use this message board to post questions, carry on conversations with other USA Jump Rope members, arrange chats, or just say hi.  All that we ask is that you do not abuse this system and show proper respect for all members.

Click below to enter the message board.

Note: This message board is intended to be used with Internet Explorer 6.0 or greater. Other browsers may display unexpected results.