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About USA Jump Rope

USA Jump Rope (USAJR) was formed on October 1, 1995 as a result of the merger of two national jump rope organizations (IRSO and WRSF). USAJR is an organization committed to the exchange and sharing of jump rope knowledge and experience. The organization offers a wide variety of information about jump rope to its members, coaches and physical educators through its books, video tapes, the Internet and other resources.

USAJR also offers unique experiences and educational opportunities through its sanctioned jump rope workshops, camps, seminars and tournaments at the state, regional and national levels.

Our Mission

USA Jump Rope promotes healthy lifestyles and creates competitive opportunities through the sport of Jump Rope.


  • Promote physical fitness through jump rope as a life-time sport.
  • Foster confidence, discipline, responsibility and leadership.
  • Be an informational and educational network for jump rope activities and materials.
  • Regulate standards for terminology and procedures for jump rope competitions.
  • Provide representation for the sport on the international level.


The sport of Jump Rope has received several major boosts in recent decades. Even before the founding of USA Jump Rope (USAJR) in 1995, Double Dutch competition was popularized by the American Double Dutch League in the late'70's. Single Rope, Double Dutch, and Long Rope activities were also being developed and taught at camps and workshops throughout the world by members of the International Rope Skipping Organization, (IRSO.) Efforts were being made in the early '90's to promote and standardize Rope Skipping by the World Rope Skipping Federation (WRSF).

In an attempt at cooperation between the proponents of the various disciplines within the Jump Rope World, members from several organizations were invited to develop a workable set of rules for a World Invitational Rope Skipping Championship in 1993 and 1994. The resulting dialogue led to the formation of a Planning Committee from IRSO and WRSF to form a national governing body for the sport of Jump Rope. While the USAJR Planning Committee was working towards a merger and a national tournament structure, the leaders of Jump Rope were approached by the Amateur Athletic Union, (AAU,) to participate through Aerobics in the AAU Junior Olympic Games in 1995. This participation evolved into the acceptance of Jump Rope into the AAU Family of Sports. It was also during this time that FISAC, the international body governing Jump Rope was formed and the USA became a founding member.

The Planning Committee met for two years prior to formation and included Jim McCleary, Niki Glover, and Amy Steward. From there twelve people, (six from IRSO and WRSF,) were selected, as the first official board, to construct a new organization. Their purpose was to unify, thereby furthering, the sport of rope skipping, in the United States. They were dedicated to inspiring, motivating, and educating children and adults through unlimited opportunities that the sport of jump rope provides.

These original board members were:

  • Brenda Berry Juneau, Alaska
  • Leslie Crafton Richmond, Indiana
  • Roger Crozier San Antonio, Texas
  • Connie Dunn Rexburg, Idaho
  • Ray Frederick Raleigh, Durham, North Carolina
  • Cindy Joy Santa Clara, California
  • Jean Hodges Fulton, Maryland
  • Jane Pickett Huntsville, Texas
  • Ken Solis Greenfield, Wisconsin
  • Lee Steinberger Richmond, Indiana

On October 1, 1995 at 12:01 PM, The United States Amateur Jump Rope was formed.

The priorities of the first board were aimed at developing education materials, and the sponsorship of a National Tournament. This became a reality with the first nationals held at Walt Disney World Resort and the finals televised on ESPN in the summer of 1996. A coaches handbook was the first publication approved as the Official USAJR Handbook in 1996, the newsletter was first published, and at this time the website was created.

USAJR has grown in many ways with more publications, a judging manual and video, skills manuals and instructional DVDs, DVDs of all Grand National Tournaments, Nationals Team Show DVDs, workshops locally and internationally, local and regional tournaments, a World Championship held in St. Louis with ten countries represented, camps across the nation. More people are jumping rope than ever before.

Nancy Bell and Neil Keller Awards

History of Nancy and Neil:

Nancy Bell

Nancy Bell was a flight attendant who lived in Massachusetts. She was the secretary of AAU Aerobics for several years until her death from lung cancer in the fall of 1996. She also served as Secretary-General of FISAC from 1995-996.

She was the fiancée of Josh Henson who was a sports attorney who helped get Jump Rope into the AAU Junior Olympic Games through the sport of Aerobics. She also helped with the founding of FISAC in the summer of 1995.

She was a delightful person who worked very hard to promote both Aerobics and Jump Rope in the AAU and Jump Rope in FISAC.  Much of what we now take for granted in the infrastructure of our sport evolved out of her advice and that of Josh Henson.

>Her death was quite unexpected as it came very soon after her being diagnosed with lung cancer in the early fall of 1996. Josh requested that both USA Jump Rope and FISAC present a special award in her name at their tournaments.

These awards go to nominees that have made a significant contribution to the growth of jump rope through their years of experience, service to jump rope, dedication to their team or teams, and the differences they have made to the sport of jump rope and other's lives.

Neil Bradley Keller

Neil Bradley Keller, or Mr. K as he was known to the Skip Wizards, was a phenomenal coach, teacher, father, and friend. Mr. K was diagnosed with Leukemia in 1994 and passed away in December 1995. Jump rope was a different sport back then. He passed away prior to the first National Tournament in Disney World, and was unable to attend the first Junior Olympic tournament due to chemotherapy treatments. He was a young, energetic, and vibrant physical education teacher at a small school in Maryland. Mr. Keller had seen a jump rope team at a physical education conference and requested the team to come to his school to help promote Jump Rope for Heart. He joined the Maryland State task force to fight heart disease and worked with the American Heart Association in MD to spread the word about jump rope. After the River Valley Skippers came to Valley Elementary school, the Skip Wizards jump rope team was created. Neil Keller inspired the entire school, with over 20 kids joining the team in the first year. Mr. Keller was an excellent baseball player in high school, and could have easily been a high school baseball coach, yet he chose the path less travelled to start a jump rope team. He chose a sport that would give young people an opportunity to travel, to learn how to be on a team, and a sport where competitions have a friendly and cooperative spirit to them. The Skip Wizards have been in existence longer since he has been gone, yet his memory still lives on with those who had the opportunity to meet and learn from him.

He always told us "Practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect". Now he wasn't telling us that we weren't allowed to make mistakes and learn new things at practice, he was stressing the importance of not settling with mistakes. For those people who heard this over and over at jump rope practice, it has made a significant impact on their lives. Mr. Keller's concept can be translated into any aspect of life, and it resonates with those who knew him best.

Mr. Keller was so much more than a coach to those that had the opportunity to learn from him. He wasn't just a coach - he was involved in his jumpers' daily lives. He cared about them and was a big part in their lives. Mr. Keller was also our 'dad' away from home, which made our parents extremely comfortable since they had no need to worry while we were in his care. They knew he was always taking care of us and had our best interests in mind...even if we were sick or nervous, he always knew how to handle us! We were a real family outside of our families at home!

He was more than just a teacher to those that went to Valley Elementary School. During his fight with Leukemia, the entire school made a large banner, where every student made a hand-print in paint on it, and wrote notes to him on the banner. He had made an impact on every student in the school, and he was truly missed.

Mr. Keller passed away at the young age of 32 after an almost year-long fight with Leukemia. He made a tremendous impression on the lives of anyone who interacted with him and continues to influence others today. Those that were on his jump rope team know the influence he has had on their lives, and they continue to try to pass on his legacy, either through jump rope, through their careers, or by being a role model to other people.

Nancy Bell Recipients:
1997 - Leslie Crafton
1998 - Jean Hodges
1999 - Jane Pickett
2000 - Amy Stavig
2001 - Niki Glover
2002 - Cindy Joy
2003 - Trina Griffith
2004 - Renee Nix
2005 - Karen Hay
2006 - Cindy Badon
2007 - Teri Gordon
2008 - Trina Griffith
2009 - Carmen Simpson
2010 - Pam Evans
2011 - Janice Harrington
2012 - Tracy Berg
2013 - Tammy Cazares
Neil Keller Recipients:
1997 - Jim McCleary
1998 - Roger Crozier
1999 - John Swan
2000 - Richard Cendali
2001 - Dennis Canady
2002 - Randy Modesitt
2003 - Paul Mullin
2004 - E.J. Boillot
2005 - Shaun Hamilton
2006 - Dennis Canady
2007 - Johnny Johnson
2008 - John Wellman
2009 - Eric Cornell
2010 - Ray Fredrick, Jr.
2011 - Tim Rader
2012 - John Hammond
2013 - David Cazares

President's Service Award Recipients

This new award is presented by the current President of USA Jump Rope offered to USA Jump Rope members, volunteers or employees who demonstrate outstanding service to USA Jump Rope and the sport of jump rope.
2010 - Kathy Moe
2010 - Trina Griffith
2010 - Marian Fletcher
2011 - Janice Harrington
2011 - Mary Kinsey
2011 - John Fletcher
2012 - Becky Zelewski
2012 - E.J. Boillot
2013 - Cindy Bork, Bonnie Harrison, Tom LaVecchia, Lee Troxler