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USA Jump Rope

The USA Jump Rope All-Star Team Visits the British Virgin Islands

The USA Jump Rope All-Star Team was invited to Tortola, British Virgin Islands, from February 26-30, 2006. Mr. Patrick Harrigan and his team, the B.V.I. Grasshoppers, hosted the team. On Friday, February 27th, the All Star Team and selected jumpers from the Grasshoppers performed at six different schools across the island. The shows were phenomenal and the team had a great time.

On Saturday, February 28th, the All Stars hosted a workshop for the Grasshoppers. Many local children and members on the Grasshopper team attended this very successful workshop. The culminating evening activity was advertised as the “Big Show”, an annual talent show and fundraiser for the B.V.I. Grasshopper team. The acts included: an African expressive dance team, rappers, dancers, singers, University of Puerto Rico cheerleaders, B.V.I. Grasshoppers and the big closing act was the USA Jump Rope All-Star Team! They had a huge turnout and the show was outstanding.

On Sunday, February 29th, the Grasshoppers took the team on a tour of the island and mountains. The scenery was breathtaking. After the tour, the team spent the rest of the day at the beach. USA Jump Rope and the All Star Team truly appreciated the experience and opportunity provided by Coach Harrigan and the Grasshopper team.

Team Members in attendance: Joe Edney, Billy Jackson, Kelsy Moe, Calli Wold, Shane Winsor, Ted Lehman, Kaitlyn Hart, Lindsey Wallace, Lee Reisig, Tyler Perez, Vanessa Hurd, Brianna Smith-Overman, Rae Krucoff, Nick Woodard, Jeff Mauss, Lisa Brown, Mike Fry, Colleen McCary (alternate), Shaun Hamilton (All-Star Coach), Marian Fletcher (Executive Director and All-Star Team Manager), and Janice Harrington (USA Jump Rope President)

Have a look at our pictures from the trip.