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New 2007-2009 Team Announced:

Mary Hunter Benton is fifteen years old and has been jumping rope as part of the Bouncing Bulldogs for seven years. Her favorite part of jump rope is introducing new jumpers to the joys of jump rope through teaching. Mary has also enjoyed the opportunity to travel the world meeting new jumpers and learning about new cultures. Along with jump rope, she also enjoys hanging out with friends and spending time with her family. Mary is very honored to be a part of the second All-Star Team and looks forward to working with the team to promote the sport of jump rope.

Tori Boggs has been jumping rope for over eight years and is a proud member of JUMP COMPANY USA rope skipping team in Vienna, West Virginia. She has been especially successful in single rope speed and holds several national records and the current world three-minute speed record. Last summer in Toronto, Canada, she won the FISAC All-Around Female Masters Rope Skipping Championship. Tori attends Jackson Junior High School where she is an honors student, plays soccer and runs cross country. She plays the piano and the bluegrass banjo and enjoys spending time with her brother Zak, her dog Johmmy, and her many friends throughout the jump rope world.

Chris Brown is currently in his sixth year jumping with the Heartbeats out of Akron, Ohio. He has jumped in and helped create the Heartbeats team show that won gold at Nationals in back to back years. He also won second place at the World competition in Toronto. Chris also won a bronze in single rope mixed junior group at Worlds in Australia and has placed fourth overall at Nationals for pairs and 4x30 speed relay, which also won an age division gold. He has also worked with teams in Michigan and helps coach the Jumpin’ All-Stars. Outside jump rope, Chris attends Michigan State University as a pre-med student and snowboards as a member of the National Ski Patrol. He simply loves to jump rope and wants to see younger jumpers continue to grow and the sport to spread to new people and areas. He is ecstatic about teaching and performing with the excellent group of jumpers on the All-Star team.

Lisa Brown has been a member of the Heartbeats in Akron, Ohio since 1998 and was a member of the first ever All-Star Team from 2005-2007. She has won medals at Nationals, Worlds, and AAU mostly in double dutch speed, freestyle, and team show. At the Junior Olympics in Kissimmee, Florida, her group swept the pentathlon events and broke records. As a key part in constructing National and World class team shows, she has won gold medals at Nationals and a silver at Worlds. Her jumping experience and love for teaching has given her the opportunity to instruct jumpers from all over the world. When she is not in the gym, Lisa loves to travel, play soccer, tell jokes, snowboard, run, volunteer, and watch old jump rope videos. She is a member of the National Honors Society, the Revere soccer team, and the school ping pong team … and she really likes school. She plans to attend Ohio State University and pursue a career in physical therapy. Most of all, she hopes her personality and passion will greatly contribute to the 2007-1009 All Star Team.

Kaylee Couvillion a freshman at LSU in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She has been performing and competing with Heart ‘n Soul for 10 years. Kaylee’s favorite aspects of the unique sport of jump rope include mentoring young children and making new friends. She says “it is awesome that jumpers are always so supportive of everyone, even their competitors. I also love seeing the bright sparkle in children’s eyes when they get a trick for the first time. My experiences in jump rope have truly blessed and enriched my life.” When Kaylee is not jumping, she enjoys church youth group activities, spending time with her family and friends, and eating ice cream. She is looking forward with great anticipation to serving our sport as a member of the 2007-2009 USA Jump Rope All Star Team.

Joseph Edney is a twenty-two year old university student at North Carolina State University. He was born and grew up in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and began jumping rope with the Bouncing Bulldogs jump rope team at age eight. With the jump rope team, Joseph has had many opportunities to travel, teach, compete, perform, and start new teams in over thirty states and twelve different countries. He has won numerous national championships in the USA as well as two Grand National Championships. Recently in 2006, Joseph was part of a group that won the overall Male World Championship. Joseph also served as Captain of the 2005-2007 All-Star Team.

Mike Fry, is a twenty-one year old college junior who has been jumping for nearly eleven years with the Heartbeats Jump Rope team in Akron, Ohio. During those years, jump rope has taken him all over the country and world, to places such as South Korea, Belgium, Australia, and the British Virgin Islands. Mike has been a member of Team USA for the past four World Championships, earning a gold medal in the Junior Mixed division in 2002, silver medal in the 2004 Grand Masters competition, and another silver in 2006 with his team in the World Cup. He feels extremely honored to be a member of the All-Star Team and to jump with such talented, upstanding individuals. One of his favorite things about the sport is the teaching, and he is looking forward to promoting the sport and helping give it the wide-scale exposure it deserves. Mike also enjoys drumming, spending time with family, and writing poetry.

Cara Hassler has been jumping for twelve years, beginning with the Skiperiors in first grade and moving to Hot Dog USA in third grade. She is a high school senior participating in the running start program. Cara is studying psychology at the University of Washington.  In her spare time Cara likes to make jewelry. Cara is really excited to be a part of the All-Star team!


Anna Holdaway is currently a student at North Carolina State University and has been jumping with the Bouncing Bulldogs of North Carolina since she was eight years old. She has enjoyed many opportunities to grow and travel with her team, including one of her favorite experiences teaching and performing in South Africa in 2005. Her travels have also taken her to numerous jump rope tournaments, where she has had the honor of becoming a USA Jump Rope National Champion and FISAC World Champion. Her favorite part about jump rope is being able to travel and meet new people that she can share her passion for the sport with.

Billy Jackson is nineteen years old and is from Haughton, Louisiana. He has been a part of the Louisiana Jazzy Jumpers for the past 12 years and has competed at regional, national, and world competitions. Apart from jump rope, Billy enjoys dancing and has been taking tap and jazz for the past eleven years. Billy also enjoys listening to music and hanging out with friends. He recently moved to Boise, Idaho and will begin jumping with the Summerwind Skippers this fall. He is very excited and honored to be a part of the 2007-2009 All-Star team and can’t wait to spread his love for jump rope with as many people as he can.

Rae Krucoff is 20 years old and has been jumping with the Bouncing Bulldogs from Chapel Hill-Duram for eleven years. During that time Rae has won regional, national, and world championships, including the overall Double Dutch gold medal for the Senior Female division at the 2006 World Championships in Toronto, Canada. Jump rope has taken Rae all over the world including Israel, Australia, South Africa, Germany, Belgium, Canada, the British Virgin Islands, and numerous states across the US. Rae says “I am very grateful to the sport of jump rope for all the many ways it has enriched my life, and I am honored to, once again, be a part of the All Star Team.” Rae is currently finishing up her freshman year at Duke University, and in her free time she enjoys listening to music, spending time with friends, and of course … jumping rope!

Jeremy Lindstrom has been jumping with Proform Airborne out of Rexburg, Idaho since 1994 and currently coaches Just Jumpin’ in Logan, Utah. Having been gone from the sport serving a mission in the Ukraine for the last two years, he is super excited to be back and jumping again, especially with the All-Stars. His favorite part of jump rope is all the camps and workshops where he can get together with other jumpers to teach, learn and try new tricks. Jeremy is currently attending Brigham Young University-Idaho in Rexburg, Idaho where he studies Business Finance.

Nikki Lyman is a member of the Hot Dog USA jump rope team from Kirkland, Washington. She began jumping with the Skiperiors until seventh grade when she joined the Hot Dogs. Recently, Nikki earned the Grand National Championship title in 2005 for double Dutch single freestyle and in 2006 for double Dutch pairs speed. She has also competed at the World Championships in 2002, 2004, and 2006. Nikki is currently a freshman at the University of Washington, and she works at an athletic club and a smoothie/supplement store. In her spare time she enjoys snowboarding, working out, and spending time with family and friends.

Timothy Martin is seventeen years old and is from Durham, North Carolina. He is a senior at Hillside High school and has been a member of the Bouncing Bulldogs for thirteen years. Tim says he loves jump rope because “of its unique ability to bring unity between strangers of different countries across the world through workshops, camps, and competition.” He says that “the opportunities of traveling the world, meeting new people, learning new cultures and giving back through teaching and performing are second to none.” Tim is honored to be a part of the All-Star team as an ambassador of the sport, and representative of the United States.

Jeffery Mauss has been jumping for twelve years and is a current member of the Razz-Ma-Tazz jump rope team. Jeff was part of the Inaugural All-Star Team and enjoyed every minute of it. He is a national and world champion and along with two other teammates, holds the highest score ever recorded for a freestyle in USA Jump Rope. Jeff currently attends Texas A&M (“Whoop!”) and is studying Sports Management.

Courtney McBroom is a member of Hot Dog USA from Kirkland, Washington. She has been jumping rope for six years and prior to joining the sport she competed in gymnastics for nine years. Courtney is currently a freshman in college at the University of Washington, hoping to someday become a veterinarian. Courtney loves to travel, take pictures, and cook in her spare time.

Colleen McCary is a junior at the University of Washington, studying Public Health and Spanish.  Colleen has been a member of Hot Dog USA for thirteen years and has participated in the National Jump Rope Championships for the past twelve years and in the World Championships in 1999, 2001 and 2003.  Someday Colleen hopes to combine jump rope with her studies in Public Health, to work with children in developing countries.  Colleen loves to travel, experience new places and cultures and enjoys being outside in the sun or the rain.

Adam Pang has been jumping rope for fourteen years as a member of Heart N Soul in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In his fourteen years of jumping, he has won several national titles and one Grand National title. He also came in second in the World FISAC octathalon competition. Adam is currently a freshman at LSU majority in pre-physical therapy. When not jumping rope, he likes to hang out with friends or find new ways to push jump rope to a new level.

Andrew Pang is a member of Heart N Soul from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He has been jumping for seventeen years. In the past, Andrew has placed second in the Male division at the 2006 World FISAC Championships, third in the 2002 US Grand National Championships, and first in the 2002 US National tournament. Andrew is currently in his fourth year of college taking General Studies courses with a concentration in science. Andrew says “it has been my privilege to have had an opportunity to teach jump rope all over the United States and the world.” When not jumping, Andrew enjoys helping out his team and also plays competitive paintball all over the United States.

Lee Reisig is twenty-two years old and is a senior Mechanical Engineering major at Boise State University. He has been jumping rope for fourteen years as a part of the Rocky Mountain Ropers and the Summerwind Skippers. Being a part of the All-Star team has allowed Lee to travel the world, meet a lot of great new people, and share his passion for jump rope with those who have never experienced it. Lee is grateful that he has been selected for a second term.

Scott Simpson is fifteen years old and has been jumping rope for ten years with the Kangaroo Kids from Howard County, Maryland. He has traveled nationally and internationally for the sport, teaching and competing on many levels. Scott placed second in the 2006 FISAC Masters Competition and second at the 2004 Gold Coast International 12-14 Masters Competition. Scott’s team placed third in the 2006 Maple Leaf 2006 Senior Open competition and third in the 2004 Gold Coast International Championships. He is also an AAU Joel Farrell Award recipient and is a gold medalist in singles, pairs, double dutch, and group team routines at the AAU Junior Olympic Games. Scott has taught jump rope for five years and performed jump rope demonstrations at dozens of professional and collegiate sports venues. Scott is a sophomore at Hammond High School in Columbia, Maryland. He is the Drum Major of the school’s Marching Band and a member of the Student Government Executive Board. Scott cites hobbies of listening to music, playing piano and spending time with his friends. Scott is passionate about the sport of jump rope and is very honored to be a member of the 2007-2009 USA Jump Rope All-Star Team; he hopes to share his love and knowledge of jump rope all around the world.

Lindsey Wallace started jumping 18 years ago on the Skip-It team stationed in Boulder, Colorado, and has since founded and coached two new teams: One Jump Ahead located in Greeley, Colorado and Jump2It in the southern part of California. She has judged and medaled at numerous national and international competitions including the AAU Junior Olympic Games, Pan-American championships, and 5 jump rope world championships. An honors graduate and El Pomar Leadership Scholar from the University of Northern Colorado, she possesses a Bachelor of Science degree in Sport and Exercise Science and currently teachers PE in Colorado, Springs. In addition to her teaching career, she travels to teach and promote the sport of jump rope worldwide. Other interests of hers include singing and listening to Christian music, playing harp, violin, piano and guitar; visual art, photography, scuba diving, ultimate disc, volleyball, travel, and journal writing.

Nick Woodard has been jumping for twelve years. Jump rope has been a very big part of his life and he never knew he could do so many things with a jump rope. Through the years, Nick has won numerous awards. He is a three-time Grand National Champion – twice in singles and once in double Dutch pairs. He has been featured in Sports Illustrated, the “YO” section of the Houston Chronicle, and all local news stations in Houston. Nick has also appeared on the Caroline Rhea Show as well as the Ellen DeGeneres Show. He has also performed with Cirque de Soleil in Canada. One of his favorite things to do when he is not jumping is play Madden 2007. He loves all kinds of sports games for Play Station 2. Another thing he likes to do is hang out with friends and go to the movies. Nick loves going out and doing shows and being able to teach workshops. He says “they always make my day and with the shows I get excited because I love to perform.”

Erica Zenn is fifteen years old and has been a member of the Bouncing Bulldogs for nine years. She lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and is currently in the eighth grade at McDougle Middle School. There are many reasons why Erica jumps rope, among them meeting new people, creating new tricks, and teaching the next generation of jumpers. When she is not jumping, she is dancing, tumbling, or hanging out with her friends. Erica is honored to be a part of the second All-Star Team.