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Meet your new 2009-2011 All-Star Team!

The 3rd annual USA Jump Rope All-Star Tryouts were held in Littleton, Colorado September 25th-28th.  Jumpers from all over the United States flew in to compete for a spot on the team and in the end, 24 jumpers were selected.  Congratulations to all of you!

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4th Annual All-Star Weekend a Success

California experienced a unique opportunity to jump single rope and double Dutch with the nation's best - the USA Jump Rope All-Star Team

Host the Nikki Jackson, Coach of the Jump Squad

made everyone feel welcome!

USA Jump Rope’s 4th annual All-Star Weekend was held February 15-17 in Santa Monica, California.  The weekend started with performances at schools and community centers with a workshop for 100 participants Saturday, February 16th and ended Sunday with a special screening of the documentary film, JUMP! by Helen Hood Scheer and Scott B. Morgan.

The weekend started with performances at Grant Elementary School in Santa Monica where Ms. Jackson teaches jump rope enrichment classes, Santa Monica High School, Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services and Santa Monica Boys and Girls Club. The team was very well received by children, teachers and employees and all places were excited about jump rope and double Dutch and fired up to start their own teams.

The workshop was enjoyed by jumpers of all ages with our youngest being 4 and our oldest over 50!  The participants had the opportunity to learn single rope, double Dutch and Chinese wheel skills from members of the All-Star team with head coach Shaun Hamilton, and assistant coaches Eric Cornell and Cindy Joy jumping in to help. Skill levels ranged from beginner to advanced but all participants walked away having learned new skills and making new friends.  Workshop participants represented five teams, and many were unaffiliated jumpers. Below are a few quotes from our host Nikki Jackson and a workshop participant's parent:

It's been a dream of mine to coordinate with the USA Jump Rope Federation to bring an event of this magnitude to the City of Santa Monica. These athletes are world class, and their dedication to the sport of jump rope has awarded them the ultimate in accolades and recognition.  -Nikki Jackson

I was intrigued with the abilities of the athletes on Saturday and equally engulfed by the faces of so many emotions of the attendees at the USA Jump Rope Workshop. - Parent of Workshop Participant

The host and USAJR arranged for press coverage for the workshop with the Santa Monica Press. The sports writer for the newspaper came back in the afternoon to watch the closing show and said he was "amazed" by what he saw. The closing staff show was one of the best ever seen with skills and routines that were cutting edge! The crowd yelled and screamed and were in awe of what they had seen. After an exhausting day for our host and her daughter Mecca, they were still ready to meet the team and staff for dinner and fun at the Santa Monica Pier.

The weekend ended with a special screening of the documentary JUMP! by Helen Hood Scheer and Scott B. Morgan. The jumpers that saw the film for the first time laughed and cried and felt it really portrayed our organization to a tee, caring and sharing. Please check the website, www.jumpmovie.com for upcoming film festivals in your area.

Thanks to the All-Star team members, the All-Star coaches and our host, Nikki for making this one of the most fulfilling workshops to date. We hope that jump rope will grow in California and this workshop was a step in the right direction. To contact Nikki Jackson in the Santa Monica/LA area, e-mail her at [email protected].

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