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USA Jump Rope

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Membership Information

USA Jump Rope is the official national organization for the sport of jump rope in the United States. USA Jump Rope also represents the United States for the International jump rope organization FISAC (Federation Internationale De Saute a la Corde).

Membership in USA Jump Rope is open to anyone of any age and runs from October 1st to September 30th.  Please note that all membership fees are non-refundable.

Renewing Members must register with USA Jump Rope by November 1st of the preceding year to compete in the following years tournaments. For example, you must have your membership dues paid or postmarked by November 1, 2009 to compete in the 2010 USA Jump Rope Regional Tournament if you are a renewing member and plan to compete. If you renew your membership after November 1st and plan to compete, a double registration fee will be applied. This does not apply to NEW MEMBERS. However, if you are a new member and plan to compete, you must have your registration in three weeks prior to your regional tournament.

Youth/Adult members receive:

bullet Membership card and decal or new gift for renewals
bullet Official USA Jump Rope publications
bullet USA Jump Rope insurance coverage for practices and all sanctioned events
bullet Opportunities to participate in USA Jump Rope camps, workshops, and tournaments

Family Membership:

bullet Youth or adult members receive information listed above but at a discount rate.
bullet A separate membership form is required for each member of a family.
bullet Coaches Memberships must be separate from a Family Membership.  This is because of the numerous mailings and other materials that are sent to the Coach only.

Coach Membership:

bullet Receive all the benefits of Youth/Adult Membership.
bullet Current Coaches' Directory
bullet Current USA Jump Rope Competition Rule Book
bullet Additional information regarding jump rope events, equipment, etc.

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